- Model : calf room

 - Material : POLYETHYLENE

 - Standard : Refer to the table below

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Isle calf room for newborn calf breeding!


Product Advantages

  – Good ventilation to prevent death from respiratory diseases and pneumonia

– It is easy to maintain body temperature even in low temperature, so feed cost is reduced by 30%.

– Easy to move from direct heat, moisture

– It can avoid the sudden temperature change by the day-to-day difference, which greatly increases the growth rate.

– Can be re-used as disinfection or easy daylight disinfection without disposal in the event of an epidemic

– Semi-permanent use with one cost investment

– Easy to install and move because it is light and strong

– Easy to stack when stored



Product Features

  – Use harmless polyethylene material to remove ammonia odor from surrounding area and to prevent from sunlight and wind.

– Semi-permanent product that is made by integral molding method and does not crack or break

– Install a halogen lamp on the top. Keep the warm temperature in the middle of the winter due to the heat of 200W.

– The dimmer and the breaker box can be installed to control the temperature by the dimmer even when there is no person,

– Installation of calf chamber in the inside

– Easy to move with handles on both sides






Product Specification


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