- Model name: C4-A, C4-D, C4-G, C2-H

 - Size: see table below

 - Case: Galvanized steel plate (G.I)

 - Container: Polyethylene (POLYETHYLENE)

 - VALVE: STS-304 / PVC

 - Contact Information 
 ›  Asan Factory : +82-41 - 545 - 5330 
   (Chungcheong, Daejeon, Jeju)

 ›  Hapcheon Factory : +82-55 - 931 - 2523 
   (Daegu, Gyeongsang, Ulsan, Busan, Honam)
 ›  Seoul Office : +82-2 - 849 - 6645,6 
   (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Incheon)


Safe, robust and efficient medium-sized liquid logistics containers

TANK color

   – Basic Gray Available when ordering Color Green, Blue, Yellow

> Please consult us when ordering other than basic colors.


Product Features

  – The FRAME is made in a sturdy and safe pallet type so that it can be stacked and transported in two stages.

– The bottom surface is made incline toward the exit and the contents are discharged completely and quickly.

– It is a product made of special POLYETHYLEN which is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, nontoxic to food, and has excellent stiffness.

– It is resistant to corrosion by using galvanized steel sheet.

– PAINT has beautiful appearance and does not peel off well because it has advanced specifications.

– We have been recognized for the reliability of quality through certification of Fire Fighting Industry Technical Institute’s use of hazardous material transportation container.


Product Usage

  – Emile John, PAINT, metal surface treatment agent

– Surfactants, plating chemicals, pesticides, soft drinks

– drinking water, alkaline, food (edible oil, sauce)

– For transportation and storage of various liquids such as other chemicals



Product Specification


* INSULATION (thermal insulation): Urethane use

– Drain base: 50A (up to 80A depending on the demand of the customer)



Fire Fighting Products


  – The above items are only added to the original fire extinguisher.


How to use Chemicon

– The temperature of the liquid should be below 70 ℃ and should not be pressurized or decompressed under normal pressure.

– Before opening the outlet valve, be sure to open the exhaust valve with the AIL-VENT open.

– When connecting HOSE to the outlet, do not apply excessive force to the valve and operate the valve slowly.

– Be careful not to give impact when going up and down by forklift.

> Please contact us if you are using an unknown drug.

> Chemicon can be loaded in two stages, but transportation in two stages is subject to vehicle control.




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Child parts




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