- Length: 1,900mm

 - Width: 900mm

 - Height: 1,492mm

 - BODY Weight: 76.5KG

 - CAP weight: 21.5KG

 - Gross weight: 98KG

 - Contact Information 
 ›  Asan Factory : +82-41 - 545 - 5330 
   (Chungcheong, Daejeon, Jeju)

 ›  Hapcheon Factory : +82-55 - 931 - 2523 
   (Daegu, Gyeongsang, Ulsan, Busan, Honam)
 ›  Seoul Office : +82-2 - 849 - 6645,6 
   (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Incheon)



It is a durable and durable heavy-duty truck that can be easily tilted and handled easily.

Two types of load test (400kg, 800kg) can be included in the lid, allowing the contents to be blocked from acid rain, direct sunlight and external contaminants.



Product Features

  – Frame fastening with insert to prevent the contents from leaking

– It is easy to move smoothly on various ground and towing and unloading work.

– There are no wheel marks on the ground, no noise, and can be rotated in a narrow space.

– Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and free from plaque or corrosion.

– It is a large cart that transports agricultural products, waste materials, and garbage. It is easy to handle and operate.

product blueprint

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Apply photos

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Major Industries

  – Industrial field

– Agriculture, aquatic markets and factories

– hospital

– hotel

– showroom

– Department store

– Rest area


Handling Precautions

  – It is impossible to overload the product.

– Construction waste such as concrete, cement, steel residues and other dangerous materials can not be loaded.

– Be careful about front view and safety when moving, and recommend indoor use as much as possible.


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