- Model name: B-TYPE (SQUARE TANK)

 - Usage : For water storage

 - Standard : See the table below

 - Material : LLDPE

 - Contact Information 
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   (Chungcheong, Daejeon, Jeju)

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   (Daegu, Gyeongsang, Ulsan, Busan, Honam)
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New material pollution water tankKS F 4814 Polyethylene water tank


- BASIC : Blue

    > Please contact us when ordering other than the basic color.

Introduction of item

Newell Tank is the first brand in the domestic water tank industry and is the unique brand of the Isle resin industry water tank which is certified as “KS F 4814 Polyethylene water tank”.

Newell Tank is a specially designed special polyethylene water tank based on pollution-free raw material and accumulated excellent technology so that clean and pure water can be used in every household, agricultural irrigation facility and industrial field throughout. It is light and has excellent impact resistance, It is manufactured by integral method and there is no leakage.

The KS marked products are responsible for the quality and post-issue by the government, and our KS certified production plants are responding to customers’ demands with thorough production and quality control in accordance with applicable industry standards and certification standards.

The development of 40 tons of new product and 50 tons of newell tank (water tank) has satisfied customers’ need for tank enlargement.


Product Features

Variety of varieties

    > As a general square tank, there are various specifications from 200ℓ to 5000ℓ.

 - Benefits of space utilization

    > You can make the most of the space when installing in a small space.


Product Specification and Specification

B-TYPE 규격표1


Construction method



Precautions when using

Please put more than 200mm of concrete foundation on foundation. (Horizontal)

     (At least 100mm wider than the water tank area)

Be sure to use flexible joints and supports when piping. (Piping fluidity)

When connecting the FLANGE, be sure to center each other.

When machining hole (hole processing), please process more than 200mm from the bottom.

When machining the hole, process the gap with the fitting to 1 mm or less.

Before use, be sure to perform an appendix test.

Do not fill any other materials except water.

Tank material: P.E (POLYTHYLENE) Please note that fire is weak.

When installing the tank, make sure to install the air vent at the top of the tank.

This product can not be used with water tank. (Using dedicated landfill tank)

When installing the tank, be careful not to hit or drop a heavy object.

When installing on the foundation structure, please install without any space on the bottom part.

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