- Model name: EN-TYPE (WITH PUMP TYPE)

 - size : See the table below

 - material : LLDPE

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ELPAI CHEMICAL TANK, developed for the first time in Korea, is a special POLY ETHYLENE product which is integrally molded with ENGEL PROCESS.

ELPAI CHEMICAL from AISI RESIN INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Is active in all industries and environmental hygiene.



 - BASIC :  White

    > Please contact us when ordering other than the basic color.



 - It is light and strong.

    > It has a specific gravity of 0.93 ~ 0.96 and is light enough to float in water. It has no directionality which causes cracking compared to other molding methods, and it has particularly good impact resistance because it has less residual deformation. It is designed to be able to be used at temperatures as high as 70 ℃ and as low as -50 ℃.

 - It is strong against medicine.

    > Due to the excellent chemical resistance of polyethylene, it is not infringed by almost all medicines.

 - It is clean and beautiful.

    > The water is not soaked or rusted, so you can simply remove the dirt and keep it clean.

 - Insulation and warmth are good.

    > It is made of foamed triple layer, so thermal conductivity is minimized and heat insulation is excellent.

 - Large containers can be made.

    > Because it is manufactured by rotary molding, it is possible to produce large-sized products freely without being limited by the capacity of mold and molding machine as compared with other molded products.


Product Features

 - The movement of the tank is free.

    > Small tank, easy to transport with handle.

 - The pump can be attached.

    > Easy to install chemical pump.

Because it is a standard, delivery is possible immediately upon receiving your order.

Excellent chemical resistance / impact resistance, you can use with confidence.


Product Usage

 - Tank relations

    > Storage tanks, pure tanks, soft tanks, chemical storage tanks

 - Chemical industry relations

    > Storage, transportation, temporary storage, combination, mixing vessel, etc. of acid, alkali, solvent and other chemicals

 - Food-related

    > Storage, sorting, transportation, special treatment, kimchi pickling in factory

 - Petroleum and plating related

    > Dyeing or dyeing tank, long case, transportation in factory, plating tank, water washing, acid alkali treatment, etc.

 - Electronic relationships

    > Storage of chemicals, transportation and storage in factories, washing tanks, etc.


Product Specification and SpecificationEN-TYPE 규격표

Other specifications, please contact us when ordering.

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