IBC (Large Cap)


 - Model Name: IBC (Large Cap)

 - Capacity: 1000 liters

 - Length: 1200 cm

 - Width: 1000 cm

 - Height: 1157 cm - 중량 : 55kg

 - Contact Information 
 ›  Asan Factory : +82-41 - 545 - 5330 
   (Chungcheong, Daejeon, Jeju)

 ›  Hapcheon Factory : +82-55 - 931 - 2523 
   (Daegu, Gyeongsang, Ulsan, Busan, Honam)
 ›  Seoul Office : +82-2 - 849 - 6645,6 
   (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Incheon)

IBC (Large Cap)


Containers designed to contain dangerous materials transported by ship and designed to be loaded or unloaded by machines, for liquids or solids storage of containers of class 3.2 or less and Class II or III containers are called INTERDIATE BULK CONTAINER ‘SYSTEM.


TANK color

– Base White


Product Features

  – Space efficiency (product loading and global compatibility) is excellent.

– COST DOWN of logistic cost and official cost is possible.

– It is safe to use zinc-steel pipe structure.

– Pallet structure makes it easy to load and transport.

– Excellent strength by using LLDPE INNER TANK.

– We will eliminate the inconvenience of customers through quality control.


Product Usage

  – Oil products: Lubricants, oils, paints, etc.

– Food company: vinegar, soy sauce, sauce, sauce

– Cosmetics company: detergent, lotion

– Other products: pesticide, latex, liquid compound, etc.


Product Specification and Specification




 ▷ Quality Management


Major parts



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