Customer first thinking about human and environment first

A-IL PLASTICS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. manufactures Newell tanks (water tanks) for storing water, pesticides and live fish, Elfitank (chemical tanks) for storing sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other chemicals, geothermal pipes / IBC and energy-saving cooling system tanks (ice and ice storage tanks), especially those required by customers, such as injection molding machines, extrusion processing products such as injection molding machines, We are specialized in producing non-pollution plastic products such as custom-made products.

Our quality policy is “customer first” and we are doing our best to develop, produce and supply the products that satisfy the customers’ expectation with high technology and advanced automation equipments.

A-IL PLASTICS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. is doing our best to develop new products continuously and is working to grow together with customers. With its solid financial structure and advanced automation equipment, we will be a leading manufacturer of comprehensive engineering plastic products in Korea as well as in the world.